AD User Info Features

Active Directory browser help you select the OU to search for users:

Active Directory Browser

Search User: search users on specific AD OU or whole AD Domain.

AD User Info Search User

Group Membership
View user AD group membership, including primary group.

AD User Info Group Membership

General User Info
View First Name, Initials, Last Name, Display Name, Description, Office, E-mail, Phone, Web Page.

AD User Info General User Info

Address Info
View Street, City, Zip/Postal Code, State/Province, Country/Region, P.O. Box.
(Available on Registered versions)

AD User Info Address

View Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Pager, Fax, IP Phone, Notes.
(Available on Registered versions)

AD User Info Telephone

View Job Title, Department, Company, Manager, Direct Reports.
(Available on Registered versions)

AD User Info Organization

Save Results to Text or HTML Files
Export the selected information to a Text or HTML file.
(Available on Registered versions)

AD User Info Export

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